Self-Taught Photographer

How did I get to this point of making a name for myself in photography? Well I can’t tell you that I went to school for years to learn photography. I can’t tell you that I attended seminars and lectures and training sessions in photography. I can’t even tell you that I had a private tutor. What I can tell you is that I learned it on my own. I’m a self-taught photographer!

You can call me a nerd but I’m more like a sponge. Why? I learn everything I come in contact with, particularly if it sparks my interest. Ever since childhood years I’ve been hungry for knowledge and longed for opportunities to learn. I simply wanted to learn about anything that interested me. If I did not know how to do something, I would simply learn by looking at others or asking a question or two.

It may sound strange to some, but this is how I learned how to drive, this is how I learned how to sail boats, this is how I learned how to play the piano and this is how I learned how to drift cars…simply by observing others. If you do not want me to learn something that you do, just don’t do it around me.

First DSLR

I have been shooting for many years as photography has always been a hobby of mine. Capturing memories, documenting trips and events and freezing moments in time creates such a passion in me like no other hobby. However, overtime, I became bored with the norm and needed to increase my skill, which took me up a notch into the DSLR level.

In January of 2011 I started using my first Canon Rebel DSLR and got to shooting and learning. I started exploring what the camera would allow and the unique captures it allows me to creates. I felt limitless. I quickly started seeking out ways to shoot objects that fascinate me in a way that I appreciate and began posting them on Facebook.

Photo by Dame Peters of a Cruise Ship from the angle of the tie-down.

"BIG SHIP" by Dame Peters, Prodigy X Photography

The response from my friends was phenomenal and this fueled me even more to continue shooting.

I began researching the abilities of the camera and started learning about aperture and ISO and all the other variables that help to make a capture. Of course at this point I was shooting in auto mode. I found many blogs and youtube videos from other photographers very helpful in my learning process with these elements. Yes, this took a lot of time, but I didn’t mind staying up until 4am while researching and learning about the technical aspects.

By March 2011 I had started a Facebook Fan Page called Prodigy X Photography as a home for my photos. By then interest was growing in what I was doing and even other well established photographers in my area were showing interest in my work. So what did I do? I continued shooting and learning and researching and learning.

By April 2011 I was invited to shoot a local festival parade event alongside established photographers John F. Black and Stacy “Buddha” Mather. Shooting such a live fast-paced event was an experience on another level and I received and continue to receive very valuable guidance from both of these photographers. I now shoot in manual, all the time 🙂

"PARADE" by Dame Peters, Prodigy X Photography

I suppose that my drive to become a great photographer added to my will to never give up is what has kept me going. It is not easy! Its hard work. Not to mention the competition and other not-so-humble photographers who may be unhappy about a new presence in the industry. Oh well, off to shooting I go.

I continue to learn everyday by trial and error and my love for my surroundings, nature and all things keeps me passionate about my next capture.

I will write another blog with more information on my progress in photography, where I started, where I am now and what I plan to do in the near and distant future as my skills and experience increases.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more. Follow @prodigyxphotog on Twitter.


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