Her Precious Little Face

Precious Face by prodigyXphotog
Precious Face, a photo by prodigyXphotog on Flickr.

The precious face of a young student who is unhappy that the school day has ended. Because she wants to play with her friends? Well, maybe, but she really likes to learn new things. She is the prodigy of the Prodigy X 🙂 my daughter.

When I started shooting DSLR, my Point & Shoot digital camera was handed down to her and like me, she has always had a fascination with taking pictures. At the end of the day, there would be 20 pictures of her feet, 35 self portraits maybe 15 or so of the back of my head.

My Daughter Helping Me Capture the Super Full Moon | March 2011 (Blackberry Photo)

I recall the first wedding I ever shot, when I told her I was leaving to shoot it, she turned and gave me a thumbs up and said, “Well, do a good job”.

She has gone on many journeys with me in photography and has been by my side during many of my captures. In fact, she assisted me in shooting the Super Full Moon in March this year.

At six years old, she wanted to learn the DSLR and night photography…oh well, why not.

"SUPER FULL MOON" by Dame Peters | March 2011

Via Flickr:
© 2011 Prodigy X Photography


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