Secret To Great Photography

"Full Moon Rising 2" by Dame Peters

I’ve been asked many times to reveal my secret in photography that allows me to capture such amazing scenery. I even had a friend comment on one of my landscape photos on my Facebook Fan Page jokingly saying that I somehow am able to manipulate nature itself and fix it into a perfect scene. I think he watched that Bruce Almighty movie one time too many (lol).

What is my secret? Well, as far as my conscious thoughts go, I have no secrets. Is my subconscious somehow keeping a secret from me that gives me an upper-hand in capturing amazing photos? Hmmm When heading out with my camera, I create no expectations in my mind but I remain positive that nature’s art will inspire me and provide me with unique scenes to capture. I suppose this may all be in reference to that special “eye for photography” that people continually try to convince me that I have. There are times I have driven past an area without even considering taking a photo of it. Then, there may be one day when the conditions of that area are in a particular state that sparks some type of emotion and interest in me to capture it.

"V.I. We Love" by Dame Peters

This happens very often, which usually results in an emergency stop and a quick reverse, if I am indeed driving. All of the photos in this post are results of this. None of them are locations that I have scouted before.

I find that my ability to be very patient and appreciative of nature’s unique ways, allows for my unique captures. If you have ever watched a sunset, you would notice the amazing color transformation of the sky within a time span of just a few minutes. I have seen the clouds during a sunset turn completely purple, which lasted about 5 minutes before they returned to white. Just recently, I was shooting a sunset and it was the usual yellowish and brownish colors and as I was leaving the area, all of the clouds in the sky turned a shade of red, then purple. It was incredible but lasted just two or 3 minutes. Nature gives us such amazing artwork and allows a limited time to capture it and make it last.

Maybe my secret involves a spiritual connection? That may be an entirely different topic, but I do feel that God gifts us with talents to serve his purposes on earth. Maybe God has gifted me that special eye and talent for photography to share his unique world and works with the masses. Well if that’s the case, I will continue to capture God’s artwork of nature and share with you so you can be blessed. Please remember to share with a friend too 🙂

"The Golden Hour" by Dame Peters

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4 responses to “Secret To Great Photography

  1. I’m glad you invited me to check out your blog. Your photography is beautiful. I especially like “The Golden Hour.” It is wonderful to go out with a camera and just see what inspires you. I laughed when I read about the emergency stop and quick reverse in the car. I’ve turned around on the road and gone back so we could capture a scene. Lovely work.

  2. Thank you for inviting me over to you blog you are photographer of many talents. Both portraits and nature. I find that I’m better and candid than I am at portrait. But in nature, I just look at what may look good w/o centering too much and take LOTS of pictures.

    But out of 400 pictures during the day, I may only keep about 100, and then out of those only upload between 25-40.

    Thank you!

    • Thanks Krisso, I appreciate your kind comments. I definitely understand what you mean. Sometimes 100 shots are fired to to get that perfect one. But thats why I love photography, sometimes it requires great patience and sometimes even luck to get the right capture…its like fishing i guess lol. Thanks for stopping by and reading 🙂

  3. I was just too blown away by your shots. I think your friend was right about manipulating nature and fixing it in to a perfect scene…LOL. But you are certainly an amazing photography, right up there with my sister. I’m still in the learning phase. It’s ironic, though, I pushed my sister into photography when it’s actually something I enjoy doing, but never pursued. Wish I had. Don’t think it’s too late for me though. I’d like to see more of your work. I’ll have new photos coming to my blog at

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