Festival Thru An iPhone

Festival Thru An iPhone by prodigyXphotog
Festival Thru An iPhone, a photo by prodigyXphotog on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
While shooting this local Virgin Islands emancipation festival parade, I spotted a guy recording a troop’s performance on his iPhone and I thought, how cool it will be to shoot the troop within his iphone. This shot took about 6 to 8 tries before getting what I wanted. Getting the precise DOF that I wanted coupled with the guy constantly moving his hand around (he didn’t know I was behind him getting this shot) required a few tries.

At the end I was very happy with the results and the guy was blown away when I finally let him know that I was there and showed him the photo in my view finder.

Hope you like it.

Artist: Dame Peters

© 2011 Prodigy X Photography

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5 responses to “Festival Thru An iPhone

  1. Well done composition – creative & intriguing. It resembles the compositional style of an advertisement, but the colours & tone are more naturalistic. As a result it comments on media both in subject matter and style.

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