A Photographer’s Approach: At The Club

Photo: "TAKE IT LIGHT" by Dame Peters Β© 2011 Prodigy X Photography

He walks over to the sexy lady in the club, while checking out her back lighting and bopping his head to the music. Oh how he wants to drop her aperture real low and adjust her ISO. He’s taking his cool time though, walking smooth on his slow shutter swag. He walks up to her and gets straight to the point, as he whispers in her ear, “Hi, you’re beautiful. I have a 70-200mm, lets get outta here”.

Her face turns red as she blushes but she decided to adjust the white balance of the conversation with her reply, “I heard you only have a 50mm”. Surprised and outwitted, he decides to take it up a notch and show her the goods. Out of nowhere, and a very bold move, he whips out his Canon….5D Mark III. She’s impressed and says with a smile, “Mmmm, very nice piece of equipment”. He smiles cunningly and replies, “Wait till you feel its release action, you will enjoy its focus points, oh and I shoot full manual”.

A worried look came over her face and she looks around the club, while she ponders, “Full manual? That could cause some trouble”. But she doesn’t often see a Mark III at the club or anywhere else for that matter. She would be the envy of her girlfriends, who have only seen 7D’s. A light bulb goes off in her head as she figures out what to do. She looks back at him with a confident look, pulls out a rain-sleeve from her purse and says, “Let’s get outta here”. ~~ To Be Continued!

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3 responses to “A Photographer’s Approach: At The Club

  1. Hey, after you got me – hook, line and sinker….to be continued? Just know that I am anxiously awaiting the continuation – the book, no, the series, and….the Movie!!!

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