Beach Photo Contest: My Entry

During the week, a local media house launched an online contest called the “Beach Photo Contest”. Entries started rolling in and so many beautiful photos of the paradise I call home were now on display for the world to see. I was excited and although I was late, I decided to share my work, not just as an entry into the contest, but I wanted to share my captures of our Virgin Islands beauty.  Take a moment to view my photo and if you like it, click “LIKE” on it as your vote on Facebook.

The Golden Hour

The Golden Hour by Dame Peters | © 2012 Prodigy X Photography

Photo Description:

THE GOLDEN HOUR:  “There is a moment in everyday when the sun and the ocean creates a golden path in the sand just for the lovers to stroll…the golden hour. Its God’s gift to us everyday. Don’t waste it.”


Long Bay Beach, Long Bay, Tortola, British Virgin Islands


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