The Beginning…Who am I?

So I decided to get into blogging and just have not properly scheduled the time to be active in this regard.


There is so much information and many experiences that I would like to share, with the hope of engaging, inspiring and connecting with like-minded individuals, photographers or anyone on a journey themselves.

I was born and raised in the British Virgin Islands, located in the Caribbean. In 2011, my love for photography increased and with the mentor-ship of fellow, more experienced photographers, I decided to tackle it professionally.

Upon embarking on this new venture, I still had many other commitments and ventures, such as being a business manager, musician in a band, martial artist, drag racer, automobile drifter, community volunteer, father, teacher and so much more. I suppose I do like to keep busy and involved in anything that is fulfilling in a positive way and also community service oriented. I studied Information Technology at our local college and have began studying photography online.



Between 2011 and today, I have had a very fun and active journey in photography and hope to share these experiences as much as possible on this blog.

Oh, just a side note about the name of my photography business. When I started in 2011, it was named Prodigy X Photography, but in August 2013, I re-branded the company to Dame Peters Photography. I will write more about this in another post.

Thanks for reading.

Dame Peters
Dame Peters Photography

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