Wait…Where Is That Bag?

Tonight I’m off to photograph an event across the waters, on an island not too far away. A private boat will take me to my destination; the boat that is a part of the event.

The event is a senior prom, which kicks off for the students with a short, coastline boat ride on this large, private catamaran power boat.



Once docked, the students and their dates walk along a boardwalk to a nicely decorated restaurant, where the fun begins.

After arriving on the island, and being greeted by the host, I was driven to the prom location to prepare and setup my gear, after which I was whisked back to the boat to await the students and their dates.

Wow! What beautiful dresses and suits these couples are sporting. I felt under-dressed in my company polo shirt and dress pants; but then again, it’s their night to shine. So I tucked my camera bag away on the boat and got to work.

Capturing their arrivals and moments during the short boat ride, their disembark at the docking spot and journey along the boardwalk, it was time to shoot their formals upon arriving at the prom location.



Strobes set, spectators cautioned about flash photography at this point and the couples are invited one by one to have their portraiture taken under studio lights.

Great! All is going well. The music is good, the dialogue is great between the guests and myself and I’m enjoying what I love; photography.



But wait, where is my camera bag with my spare CF Card, extra speed light batteries, business cards, studio booking book, battery charger, extra DSLR battery and all of the extras I keep handy during every shoot?

OH NOOOOOO!!! ITS STILL ON THE BOAT! It’s now dark and the boat sailed back to its home across the ocean hours ago. Oh boy! What a thing to have happen to anyone at a shoot over 30 minutes across the ocean! I really liked that bag 😊.

Don’t panic…don’t panic.

Continuing the night like nothing happened (except for alerting the host, so she could phone the boat captain to secure my bag), I was forced to improvise once the batteries in my speed-light had depleted.

Now, I have never had something like this happen to me during a shoot, but it was a very valuable lesson of keeping a close eye and constant track of gear at all times.

The captain did secure my bag, which I later collected, missing nothing…thank GOD!

Even with this minor, and borderline major hiccup, this was an enjoyable shoot. The guests all seemed to have had fun and I was happy to capture their special memory.

Until next time.

Dame Peters
Dame Peters Photography

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