Forget the Bride & Groom, We Want Food!

I haven’t blogged in a while and now I’ve come on here to vent 🙂 or express myself, rather.

Last weekend my team and I were photographing a very lovely wedding; a young couple tied the knot and started their life-long journey of love and togetherness. We spent time with them from the dressing and make-up stage in the morning, straight to the reception during that same night. So many smiling faces and many jokes to be heard; and even the occasional tears of joy from the mother of the groom.


This photo is not related to this story – just one of my bridal photos that I like 🙂 designed to soften the rage of my rant lol – from Sandra & Francisco’s Wedding 2015

Well, after the ceremony, we whisked the bridal party to a remote location for the formal photo shoot, so that the videographers and the photographers (us) can be creative and create some very special and unique photo and video memories.

Unfortunately, the ceremony ran a bit late, so the photo shoot started late. This means that the reception would also start late.

Nevertheless, we had a wonderful formal photo shoot and I thoroughly enjoyed working with the videographer, who was very positive, creative and energetic. Although I took very ill halfway through the wedding, we still did work together to create magical memories for the bride and groom.

Upon arriving at the reception location and after being wowed by the beautiful decor and setup, I started working my way around the room, photographing the decor and guests.



I’m stopped immediately by the 5th guest to be photographed, who refused me taking her photo. I’ve been doing this for many years and always respect people’s wish not to be photographed. They always have their reason. However, 9 out of 10 times, I can convince them (with a joke or kind words) to allow me to take their photo. This lady was having none of that! She was the 1 out of 10, but her reason took me for a loop and a spin and a flip upside down and back.

d24de101b20a9b4a130e61e44b7737f5She boldly told me, “Yo keep the people dem tekin’ photos so long and people here hungry! I don wan no picture! I wan food! Ayo didn’ have to be there so long tekin picture and people here hungry! Where allyo gone tekin picture fah when people here wan to eat! I don wan no picture! I wan food”.


Well, my photography contract that my client signed states that I will ALWAYS be professional and courteous while at their event (well it says that because I always am 🙂 it’s true lol). So I kindly responded, “Sorry you had to wait, but I’m sure they will be serving food soon”, and then moved on to photograph the next guest. I wonder if she saw the imaginary devil-red bloodshot that appeared in my eyes or the imaginary steam that flowed out my ears?

What I really wanted to say to her was, “Are you kidding me right now? I thought you were here to celebrate this special day with the bride and groom. This isn’t a family dinner, this is a wedding! They asked you to come to witness their lifetime commitment and you prefer that they miss their photo shoot so that you can eat the food that you are not even paying for? They can’t just do it again tomorrow. I’m glad you asked me not to take your photo, because the bride and groom do not need selfish bad-minded self-absorbed people like you in their wedding photos collection or album”.

Well, I didn’t say any of that although I was thinking it. I was already literally falling over from being sick and then had to deal with this nonsense. Another guy heard the lady from his table and made the same comment to me when I went to photograph him, but he said it jokingly as if to tease me about it.


This photo is also not related to this story – it’s just another of my bridal photos that I like and still using to soften the rage of my rant lol – Sandra & Francisco’s Wedding 2015

I feel so strongly about this, that the people invited to a wedding need to fully understand their purpose there. Firstly, it should be an honor and a privilege that this couple and their family cherish their relationship with you enough to request your presence during such a special, private and intimate ritual. It’s not the other way around. You are a witness and part of the support team for this young couple’s vow to each other. This is a once in a lifetime event for them. Why must some people behave as though they think the couple is privileged to have them at their wedding? If you don’t care to support them and have the day be all about them, then stay home and eat a bowl of cereal. Nobody will miss you.

Anyway, I’m thankful that this person’s comment and disrespect was voiced to me only and not to the bride and groom or their family. However, despite this rude disruption of my equilibrium, and my illness, it was such a beautiful and memorable wedding.

So now that I have finished venting, do have a wonderful New Years Eve. Have fun, party healthy and safe and ring in the new year in a positive and uplifting manner.

Until next time.

Dame Peters
Dame Peters Photography

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2 responses to “Forget the Bride & Groom, We Want Food!

  1. Why did you have to make this post so long? Don’t you know I have to leave this couch and head over to the fridge for food? That’s why I don’t like you photographers, you think time revolves around you guys! I’m hungry darn it! Why did you make this post so long????

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