Why I Love To Photograph Weddings

Ever since my organic leap into the world of professional photography, I have sampled many genres in the art; portraitures, events, nature, landscapes, fine art, architectural and even food and product photography. All have become special to me in one way or another, but one in particular captures my heart and love. That one is wedding photography.

The Wedding of Christina & Kevin – 2011 (Shot with Team Photoshop)

Wondering why? Well so did I when I realized the specific affinity was a reality. Well, let me shed some light.

Firstly, I’m a sucker for story telling and nothing is more captivating than a love story. Some people will argue that some good old drama is more captivating, although you do find some drama at weddings…but that’s for another post. From the first meeting to the engagement, special moments and the wedding, the love story grows everyday.

My first consultation with the bride and groom is most important to me. Although we talk business, pass a few jokes around here and there while getting to know each other, my main goal at that meeting is to learn about their connection and to find that spark in their love story. As a professional photographer, I cannot tell the story of their love, if I have no idea about who they are and what their union means to them. That would be like putting every bride and groom into a box, shaking it up, then handing them a photo album of their wedding showing their love story the way I think it should be. This first meeting is a joy, although it presents a challenge for me to use my knowledge, skills and experience to really capture the true meaning of their love for each other in photographic memories. I like that challenge!

Wedding Decor – Kesha & Clifford’s Wedding – 2012

On the day of the wedding, that’s when I get really excited and nervous at the same time. Why excited? I finally get to do what I love while making the bride and groom happy. Why nervous? The concern that I can fail always presents itself, although not very strong. Also there is the pressure that the couple is depending on me capture this very special day that will only happen once; there are no do-overs.

It’s very fun moving around the ceremony, reception, dressing and bridals, capturing the candid moments of laughter or joyful tears, each time thinking to myself, “Wow, the bride and groom would never see this happening except for in their wedding photos”. It’s fun mingling with the children and making them smile, or getting the groomsmen in their best GQ poses. I get the sense that I am part of the wedding experience for the bride and groom and their guests, and I take that so seriously. It’s an honor really.

The Wedding of Thelma & Nano – 2013

I find, though, that wedding photography is not just about the photography. The bride and groom’s happiness comes first, then the photography comes after. There have been weddings where I realized that something was going wrong, that an important function at the wedding was not manned by anyone. One glance at the bride or groom and it was immediately clear that they were growing concerns about this unmanned function. Because of this growing problem, genuine looks of happiness would be hard to get from the couple. What do I do? I man that unmanned function myself. Yep! I have been the DJ at weddings, the bridesmaid, the decorator, the gardener (this is a funny story for a whole different post lol), the MC, the organizer, you name it! People have asked me why I would do those things when I wasn’t paid to do them. My response as always is that the bride and groom have paid me to capture beautiful memories for them. If they are unhappy about what is happening or not happening around them, I will not be able to capture any beautiful memories, which I pride myself in doing. So I love being versatile! It certainly helps to get the perfect story captured.

When it’s all said and done, and I sit in front of my computer reviewing the wedding photos and molding the story, I again feel joy. I tell people that I care as much about their photos and memories as they do, believe it or not. I cherish those photos. I cherish those memories and I embody them. I try to envision how the bride and groom will react when they see each photos. I try to estimate the emotions they may go through when they hear the song I have chosen to create their picture slideshow. I love details and the couples appreciate it.

The Wedding of Jessica and Marlon – 2014

At the end of it all, when I deliver the custom designed and printed DVD or picture slideshow or wedding album, I feel like I’m giving away a part of me, an original work of art, my precious baby.

So why do I love to photograph weddings? Because I love capturing, creating and telling love stories, I love the challenge, I love making couples happy by presenting them with something tangible from their wedding day that they can enjoy for their entire lifetime, I love being a part of the experience of their unique story and I love happiness and love in general. Yep, I’m a sucker for love stories.

The Wedding of Tekeisha and Danny – 2015

The photos you see above are from a few of the weddings that I have done over the years; I have added one from each year for the last five years. From my humble beginning of second-shooting with some of the greats in Virgin Islands photography, to where I am today, as a full fledge and independent photography business.

Maybe your wedding will be the next one that I capture with my growing team of professionals. Just know that I care about your story and your memories. They will certainly be safe with me and my camera 🙂

Thanks for reading and feel free to share this post with your friends and family. Contact us for a free consultation and learn more about our growing wedding photography service.

Thank you for being a part of my Journey In Photography!

Until next time.

Dame Peters
Dame Peters Photography

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  1. So beautiful! I love it!! There is nothing like capturing precious moments in photos and video and having them to look back at for years to come


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